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09/09/2017. Laura Mesi, a small town 40 year-old woman, becomes the first Italian single-bride and one of the first worldwide. Her self-wedding was worth more than 10.000 euros, and counted more than 70 guests.

Laura’s wedding instantly went viral and became a top-story on the Web and Media, both in Italy and abroad: UK, Russia, Brazil, Spain. Many media worldwide reported her story: the BBC, Globo TV, The Independent, Das Bild, The Huffington Post.This documentary tells the story of Laura and her decision to stand up for her dream.

Through an observational approach, the documentary follows Laura and her loved ones during the months that led to the event and portrays this extraordinary all-Italian story, capturing the reasons behind it and the reactions of people around Laura.

The movie was shot and edited by a crew of 3, in order to get a more personal insight on the main characters and their lives.

I Married Myself is the thought-provoking story of a woman struggling for emancipation, a revelatory case-history of a self-centered Society, but also an Italian fairy-tale about a modern Cinderella in a suburban little town.

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